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Pahang Foundation (YP) offers education loans for qualified candidates to study at Higher Education Institutions (HEI) recognized by the Malaysian Government and approved by the Pahang Foundation. Advertisement application will be released in May and November or at any appropriate time.

Educational Assistance Programs

A. Education loans.

B. Scholarships

I. School scholarships

  1. Secondary School Scholarship.

  2. Scholarship for Primary School.

  3. Special Scholarship Sports.

II. Higher Education Scholarships

  1. Minister's Excellence Scholarship (BKMB) Pahang.

  2. Scholarships Diploma Tahfiz Quran.

  3. Professional Tahfiz Scholarship.

C. Education and Community Programs

I. Academic Excellence Award

  1. Outstanding Student Award.

II. Charitable Contribution

  1. . And Charitable Contributions. - Scholarship for Poor Students.
    1. Secondary / Primary Schools

    2. Institutions

III. Grant IPT

IV. Education Development Program

  1. Student Council Child Pahang.

V. Professional and Community Development Programt

  1. Natural Resource Development Programme Civilization (PETAMA).

VI. Special programs support education quality improvement

  1. Answer to Jaya (JUJ).
  2. School Indera Shahbandar Pahang (SISP).
  3. Special Programme Glory Trail (UPSR, PMR, SPM).
  4. English Camp.
  5. Intervention Project All Subjects A (Pissa).

Address: -

Pahang Foundation,
Pahang Foundation complex,
Tanjung Lumpur, Kuantan 26060,
Tel: 09-5181800, Fax: 09-5181888
E-mail: ypahang[at]yp[dot]org[dot]my