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KUIPSAS (Sultan Ahmad Shah Pahang Islamic College University) is formed due to the upgrading status from college to college university of KIPSAS (Sultan Ahmad Shah Pahang Islamic College).  The rationale of upgrading to College University is to allow the institution owned by Pahang State Government, to stay competitive in the higher education environment.

As a college university, KUIPSAS has maintained the niche of an Islamic College which offers Islamic studies and also contemporary studies with fundamentals of Al Quran and Hadith.  KUIPSAS's graduates are molded to master the knowledge needed in their chosen field together with knowledge in Muslim ethics as an added value in producing marketable graduates.

KUIPSAS has also maintained the name of His Royal Highness Sultan Pahang Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah  Al Musta'in Billah Ibni Al Marhum Sultan Abu Bakar Ri'ayatuddin Al Muadzam Shah. His Royal Highness Sultan Pahang is well known as a ruler who takes keen personal interest in all matters related to the happiness and well being of his people. He inspires the establishment of KUIPSAS and agreed upon the use of his name ‘Sultan Ahmad Shah' in  Sultan Ahmad Shah Pahang Islamic College in year 2000.  

As a people-oriented ruler, His Royal Highness has given full support in all KIPSAS's activities and attended special events especially the KIPSAS Convocation Ceremony. His Royal Highness wholeheartedly supports KUIPSAS since this institution provides many opportunities for the Pahang residents to further their studies more over this is the only Islamic institution in Pahang that caters Islamic studies at higher level.

KUIPSAS offers Degree and Diploma courses which is managed  by FOUR faculties namely :

1.            Faculty of Islamic Studies

·         Degree in Quran and Sunnah (KIPSAS collaboration with USIM)

·         Degree in Syariah (KUIPSAS collaboration with KUIN)

·         Diploma In Arabic and Islamic Civilisation

·         Diploma In Arabic Communication

·         Diploma In Dakwah and Management

·         Diploma In Syariah and Law

·         Diploma In Islamic Media

·         Diploma In Muamalat

·         Diploma In Islamic Early Childhood Education

·         Diploma In Quran and Sunnah

·         Diploma In Islamic Counseling


2.            Faculty of Management

·         Diploma In Accountancy

·         Diploma In Marketing Management

·         Diploma In Islamic Finance

·         Diploma In Business

·         Diploma In Finance and Banking

3.            Faculty of Information Technology and Communication

·         Diploma In Internet and Multimedia

·         Diploma In Information Technology and Networking

4.            Faculty of General Studies and Language

·         Diploma In English

For further information, please contact :

Sultan Ahmad Shah Pahang Islamic College University (KUIPSAS)
Km 8, Jalan Gambang
25 150 Kuantan
Tel No: 09-5915353
Fax: 09-5364421

Email: pro[at]kipsas[dot]edu[dot]my

or visit